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The Problem With Instagram Motherhood

Spotless playrooms.

Sparkling white walls.

Children happily playing in rooms with no toys in sight.

Professional family photos.

Milestone celebrations.





Actual motherhood is so much more than that.

It is fighting with your spouse over how they reacted to juice spilling in the car.

It's constant noise from the second those little feet hit the floor.

It's empty snack wrappers and crumbs on the couch and toys littered in every room.

It is moments of pure chaos and wondering how you can handle one more second.

It's messy and monotonous and ordinary and full of moments not "worth" posting online.

...but it's ALL worth it.

Because real motherhood is all of those things but it is also beautiful and raw and rewarding and the greatest journey we will ever be a part of.

And so the problem is not that the best parts of motherhood are being romanticized on social media.

The problem is that the other parts are not.

So, as you scroll through social media and see nothing but happy, smiling faces and moments of perfection, please remember that REAL LIFE is also happening behind those feeds.

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