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Hi, I'm Emmy!

Staged glamour?

Rehearsed happiness?

Pretend Perfection?




The Candid Mother was created to embrace and celebrate the beauty and imperfection of wifehood, womanhood, and motherhood and to help navigate every season of life one day at a time.

Speaking of imperfection, that's me!


I am a thirty (something) year old do-over wife, teacher, and mother of four and like you, I am still figuring things out as I go.

The difference is, I'm not afraid to admit that and I don't hide from the dark times.


I think there is beauty in this crazy journey, even during times of struggle and if we can learn to weather the storms, we can set ourselves up for incredible growth.

Although my life is nowhere near perfect and would at times make a VERY entertaining reality series, I started this blog to share the everyday experiences, struggles, and triumphs of raising a family and maintaining a marriage in a world obsessed with perfection and greener grass.

I am so glad you are here and am looking forward to sharing this (hopefully) refreshingly honest and raw journey of life with you.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...


Iced coffee. I shamelessly drink multiple iced coffees a day.


Pizza. Gooey, cheesy, melty perfection- I could happily eat it every day.


Leopard print. My obsession with animal print started in Junior High and shows no signs of stopping.


Babies. My own babies, your babies, complete stranger's babies. 


Fuzzy blankets. Can a girl ever have too many fuzzy blankets? I think not.


My family. We are blended. We are weird. We are obsessed with movies and our backyard. My people.

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