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5 Things We Need to Stop Normalizing in Marriage + Motherhood

There's a trend happening in the world of "Mom blogging" that I think we need to talk about. We are normalizing EVERYTHING for the sake of our own comfort and to help others feel less alone but what if we are confusing common for normal? What if we are unintentionally perpetuating a life of unhappiness for the sake of being "normal?"

Here are five "truths" that I think we need to stop normalizing in the world of marriage and motherhood...

"Truth" #1: It's Normal to Hate Your Spouse

"Truth" #2: It's Normal to Feel Miserable

"Truth" #3: It's Normal to Resent Your Kids

"Truth" #4: It's Normal to Hate Mom Guilt

"Truth" #5: It's Normal for Moms to Do Everything

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Look, all I'm saying is- sometimes, accepting things as normal only perpetuates what is making you unhappy even longer. Unhappy in your marriage? Address it. Work on it. Heck- go to counseling until you are in a better place. Just don't accept it as normal.

Same thing with motherhood. If you accept misery as being normal, you will never strive to experience anything different than that. You will live in that misery forever instead of seeking ways to enjoy it all more.

There is danger in normalizing things that actually aren't normal at all.

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