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Tough Love for New Moms

I get it. You’re a new mom and barely have time to frantically shove that handful of mushy blueberries into your mouth while nursing your infant for the fourteenth time today. The shirt you’re wearing is covered in baby drool and you keep smelling the same wadded-up pair of socks before wearing them for the fourth day in a row. You can’t remember the last time you drank anything other than coffee and that messy bun is still goin' strong after who knows how long. You’re a wreck.

Understandably- no one (especially not your husband) will tell you this, but seriously- you stink. Now, before you start getting all defensive or looking for ways to justify being such an undeniable and L I T E R A L mess, just hear me out.

In no way am I suggesting you even try to keep up with those seemingly perfect moms on Instagram. They are posting only their best moments of motherhood and have likely mastered the perfect lighting, angles, and filters to make motherhood look like some mythical fantasy land.

What I’m trying to say is- put that baby down (or hand them off to their father) and take a shower. Rinse off the stress and baby puke from yesterday, lather up with anything other than baby lotion, and for the love of your poor husband and everyone else around you- put on some deodorant.

I know, I know- “Being a new mom is exhausting and I could care less about what my hair looks like or what others think.” Trust me, girl- I’m totally on your side but we both know how slippery of a slope this can be.

Next thing you know- you’ll be living in your husband‘s tattered sweats and eating your kids’ leftovers as they ransack the house you just spent hours cleaning.

Although that might be an accurate description of SOME DAYS of motherhood, it should not be the norm. So take that shower, run a brush through that hair, and for goodness sake- put on a clean pair of socks. Sometimes, motherhood just plain stinks but that doesn’t mean you have to.

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